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Title Winners of the Best Poster Award
Writer ICMR 2019 Date 2019-11-28 Hit 2439
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Title: [190312] Fault Classification of Rotary Compressors Based on Vibration Signals

Authors: Yoojeong Noh, Mochammad Solichin, Seungil Kim (Pusan Natl Univ.)

Title: [190287] A Water Resistant Triboelectric Nanogenerator as a Bio-mechanical Energy Harvester and a Self-powered Pressure Sensor

Authors: Vivekananthan Venkateswaran, Nagamalleswara Rao Alluri, Yuvasree Purusothaman, Nirmal Prashanth Maria Joseph Raj, Woo Joong Kim, Sang-Jae Kim (Jeju Natl Univ.)

Title: [190174] Real Time Fault Detection Monitoring System of Roller Bearing by Performance Index of SPC

Authors: Seung Ho Han (Dong-A Univ.), Kwang Ki Lee, Sang Hyun Lee, Seung Hwan Lee (Haneol Solutions Inc.), Ga Uen Kim (Dong-A Univ.)

Title: [190177] A Study on the Effect of Influence of Weld Heat Affected Zone on the Magnetic Domain Arrangement

Authors: JuHyeon Park (Chosun Univ.), Hoyong Lee (Gwangju Univ.), Jinyi Lee (Chosun Univ.)

Title: [190213] Vision-based Automatic Alignment of Small-scale Specimens for High-throughput Materials Characterizations

Authors: Haechan Jo (Sungkyunkwan Univ.)

Title: [190208] Thermal and Radiation Aging Characteristics of Hydraulic Snubber According to Silicone Oils

Authors: Jaemin Lee, Kio Song, Horyeol Lee, Seungwoo Ha (KLES Inc.), Sanghyuk Lee, Deahwan Kim (Korea Inst. of Machinery and Materials)

Title: [190152] Case Study for Various Fatigue Curve Using Fatigue Simulation

Authors: Sang-Youn Park, Sang-Youn Park, Jungsub Lee, Byoung-Ho Choi (Korea Univ.)

Title: [190095] Fatigue Life Evaluation of Construction Equipment Attachment Structure Through Functional Data Analysis

Authors: SungHyun Kim, JongWon Park (Korea Inst. of Machinery and Materials), JaeHoon Kim (Chungnam Natl Univ.)

Title: [190426] Optimization of Mechanical Part Design for Improving Measurement Sensitivity of Air Quality Measuring Device

Authors: Gyeongdong Lee, Yonghan Yoon, In-Jun Lee (Yeungnam Univ.), Youngwoong Kim (WENS), Jaesool Shim (Yeungnam Univ.)

Title: [190427] Thermal Characteristics of Plate-type Large Heat Exchanger Forwaste Heat Recovery of Tenter Machine

Authors: Injun Lee, Hojoon Lee, Dae-kyu Park (Korean Textile Machinery Research Inst.), Yeon Mook Choi (Ehwha Glotech)

Title: [190357] Different Approaches for Fault Diagnosis of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors with Eccentricity and Demagnetization Faults

Authors: Byunguk Song, Youngsu Ko, Younghun Lee, Namsu Kim (Konkuk Univ.)

Title: [190037] Development of Structural Integrity Program for Tubular Type Power Transmission Tower

Authors: Dong-Min Lee (KEPCO KPS, Korea Univ.), Hune-Tae Kim, Yun-Jae Kim (Korea Univ.)

Title: [190039] Electromagnetic Testing of Rod Cluster Control Assembly in Pressured-water Reactor Power Plant

Authors: Minhhuy Le (Phenikaa Univ.), Sunbo Sim, Jinyi Lee (Chosun Univ.)

Title: [190413] Non-destructive Screening Method of Solder Voids in Flip-chip Package Light-emitting Diodes Using Thermal Transient Analysis

Authors: Byongjin Ma (Korea Electronics Technology Inst.)

Title: [190419] Evaluation of Thin Film Interfacial Properties Using Single Nanoindentation Testing

Authors: Jinwoo Lee (Seoul Natl Univ.)

Title: [190414] Evaluation of Known Residual Stress Using Instrumented Indentation Test

Authors: Kyungyul Lee, Jong-hyoung Kim, Sungki Choi, Junsang Lee, Seungha Lee, Dongil Kwon (Seoul Natl Univ.), Michael B. Prime Prime (Los Alamos National Laboratory)

Title: [190412] Convolutional Neural Network Using Collision Grid Map Based on Probability Scheme for Collision Prediction

Authors: Jun Hyeong Jo, Chang-bae Moon (Chonnam Natl Univ.)

Title: [190299] Discussion of J-integral Around a Moving Dislocation in Discrete System

Authors: Soon Kim, Hokun Kim, Sung Youb Kim (Ulsan Natl Inst. of Science and Technology)

Title: [190263] Multifunctional Triboelectric Nanogenerator for Benzene Sensing and Monitoring System

Authors: Gaurav Khandelwal (Jeju Natl Univ.), Arunkumar Chandrasekhar (Vellore Inst. of Technology), Nirmal Prashanth Maria Joseph Raj, Sang-Jae Kim (Jeju Natl Univ.)

Title: [190222] Tribological Behaviors of Zr-Cu-Al-Ni Bulk Metallic Glass

Authors: Karuppasamy Pandian Marimuthu, Hyungyil Lee (Sogang Univ.)

Title: [190221] Cyclic Fatigue Behaviour of Impact-damage for GFRP Composites

Authors: Jong Il Kim, Yong Hak Huh (Korea Research Inst. of Standards and Science), Jun Hyub Park (KyungSung Univ.), Yong Hwan Kim (Chungnam Natl Univ.)

Title: [190209] High Temperature Testing of Passivated Metal Thin Films

Authors: Ho Jang Kim, Sun Kun Choi, In Jong Oh, Yu Hyun Park, Gi Dong Sim (Korea Advanced Inst. of Science and Technology)

Title: [190362] Influence of Needle-punching on Strength Properties of Flax Sliver-reinforced Composites

Authors: Yoh Kataoka, Koichi Goda (Yamaguchi Univ.)

Title: [190431] Finite Element Simulation of Hardening Behavior for Nuclear Piping System Under Seismic Loading

Authors: Dong-Joo Chang, Da-Som Jeon (Seoul Natl Univ. Science and Technology), Jong-Min Lee (Korea Univ.), Hyun-Suk Nam (Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co., Ltd.), Nam-Su Huh (Seoul Natl Univ. Science and Technology), Yun-Jae Kim (Korea Univ.), Jong-Sung Kim (Sejong Univ.)

Title: [190302] Effect of Shot-peening on the Passive Film Formation and Corrosion of Carbon Steel in LiBr Aqueous Solution

Authors: Juhyun Yoo, Sangmoo Han, Youngkwang Nam, Siyoung Jeong (Sogang Univ.)

Title: [190343] Development of CMP Method Using UV and Dissolved Oxygen

Authors: Jungyu Son, Taekyoung Kim, Junyoung Seo, Sunghyun Park, Hyunseop Lee (Tongmyong Univ.)

Title: [190098] Development and Evaluation of Crack Band Model Implemented Progressive Failure Analysis Method for Notched Composite Laminate

Authors: Donghyun Yoon, Sangdeok Kim, Jaehoon Kim (Chungnam Natl Univ.), Youngdae Doh (Hankuk Fiber Group)

Title: [190103] Development of Zirconium-based Alloys with Low Elastic Modulus for Nextgeneration Implants Bio-materials

Authors: Min Suk Kim, Cheong Seok Kim, Seong Bin An, Chae Eul Huh (Chosun Univ.)

Title: [190180] Mechanical Behavior of Sputter Deposited NiTi Shape Memory Alloy Thin Films

Authors: JiYoung Kim, Injong Oh, Abdul Rehman (Korea Advanced Inst. of Science and Technology), Wael Zaki (Khalifa Univ.), Gi-Dong Sim (Korea Advanced Inst. of Science and Technology)

Title: [190145] In-situ Mechanical Testing of Micro-scale NiTi SMA Tensile Bars

Authors: Injong Oh, Ho Jang Kim, Abdul Rehman, Won Seok Choi, Hosun Jun, Pyuck-Pa Choi (Korea Advanced Inst. of Science and Technology), Wael Zaki (Khalifa Univ.), Gi-Dong Sim (Korea Advanced Inst. of Science and Technology)

Title: [190301] Mechanical Properties of GO Based Thin Polymer Films: Experiments and Simulations

Authors: JoonHo Lee* (Kyung Hee Univ.), Hyeonho Cho (Chung-Ang Univ.), JIn-Gyun Kim (Kyung Hee Univ.), Sunghan Kim (Chung-Ang Univ.)

Title: [190092] Creep Deformation and Rupture Behavior of Type 316L Stainless Steel

Authors: Woo Gon Kim (Korea Atomic Energy Research Inst.), INC Kusuma (Pukyong Natl Univ.), HyeongYeon Lee (Korea Atomic Energy Research Inst.), Seon-Jin Kim (Pukyong Natl Univ.)

Title: [190072] Damage Evolution of 3D Woven Carbon/Epoxy Composites Under the TensionTension Fatigue Loading

Authors: Jinzhao Huang, Licheng Guo (Harbin Inst. of Technology)

Title: [190067] Influence of Ionic Liquid Electrolyte of 1-Methyl-1-Propylpyrrolidinum Bis (Trifluoromethanesulfonyl) Imide/Bis (Trifluoromethane) Sulfonimide Lithium Salt Concentration on Li-Ion Transference Number in Li-Li Ion Cell

Authors: T.V.M. Sreekanth, K. Yoo (Yeungnam Univ.)

Title: [190055] A Three-dimensional Random RVEs Containing Spherical Particles Achieving Isotropy

Authors: Myeong Seok Go, Do Won Kim, Jae Hyuk Lim (Chonbuk Natl Univ.)

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